"Looks cool."

Transformers 2: “Now You Can”

This is the Cinema/TV tie in spot for ‘Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen’ that we did at Speedshape for the all new 2010 Camaro. I was the Lead Compositor on this spot, working as always with fellow Nuke compositor and fiancĂ©e, Jessica Morrison. After finishing the CG/comp, it was then handed off to the very talented artists over at Radium for Motion Graphics.

The all new Camaro is popping up everywhere now a days. On the road, on television, and yep…even in the movies! It’s a very cool vehicle that has a passionate following, and easily one of the biggest stars of the big summer blockbuster, ‘Transformers 2’. So it was great getting to work with this aggressive brand once again. And allowed us to do what we do best here at Speedshape. Make the car the star.

The commercial played nationwide in theaters in front of ‘Transformers 2’. And also had a wide reaching television advertising campaign. Playing during the NBA playoffs.

All of which would have been sweet enough, but the final comment we got from Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg was seriously the icing on the cake. They simply said, “Looks cool.” Which hearing those words from two icons like Spielberg and Bay…well that’s a highlight in my early career for sure. And a badge of honor that we wear everyday here at Speedshape.

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