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Shinola 360 Factory

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First “Free Birds” and now Shinola. I feel like the Wilson brothers should be our studio mascots at this point!

Reel FX teamed up with Shinola and enlisted the effortless deadpan humor of actor Luke Wilson to bring viewers along for an eccentric and at-times amusingly clumsy tour of Shinola’s Detroit factory and offices in a new 360° video. The piece is helmed by actors and directors Andrew Wilson and Luke Wilson and allows viewers to make their way through the factory of the upscale retailer of watches, bicycles and leather goods, taking in a full 360° view of the space as Luke Wilson guides them along. The experience fuses the comedy finesse of the Wilson brothers with the technical VR and filmmaking expertise of Reel FX to take the idea of a simple factory tour to the next level. 
Check out the behind the scenes video too!

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