"The ring that Woo bought."

Red Cliff 2

Rotoscoping is usually the red headed step child of Compositing. Everyone just wants to avoid it. But this rotoscoping job for John Woo’s epic ‘Red Cliff 2? was an absolute blast.

The shot I was tasked with was one of the more complicated. It was a scene depicting an epic navel battle in the dead of night…during a storm. Complete with ropes swaying the wind, explosions, and stuntmen falling off of the ships. All with the deadline of a week. A tall order to say the least, but luckily I got to team up with a team of 3 other very talented roto artists, and divided the shot off into sections.

I was in charge initially of the ropes, sails, and masts. But because of the short time-span in which it took me to complete these very detailed pieces to the puzzle, I also took up the task of stunt men, hero ship hull, and bamboo racks.

As I write this, we won’t see the final result see until the film debuts in the US towards the end of 2009. But the project was awesome to work on. And I’m very proud of what everyone accomplished.

The best part of working on this project though besides the work itself? It paid for my wife’s engagement ring, which we still joke to this day that it’s the ring that Woo bought.

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