"That's all folks!"

Rabid Rider

“Rabid Rider”, is the third installment of the 3D Stereoscopic shorts we created for Warner Bros. Animation. Reel FX Entertainment worked with Warner Bros. Animation from the beginning to bring the iconic Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote to life in a way that was authentic to Looney Tunes’ 2D roots. The team broke new ground by creating animation and rigging techniques that would keep the 2D feel even in 3D stereoscopic.

The third short, “Rabid Rider,” premiered on December 17th in front ofYogi Bear.

Check out what the press is saying in this article from AWN.

Being the last of the trilogy, I wish I could say more about this short. But honestly after doing the two shorts before this, the third was really just a blur! Maybe due to the fatigue of production, or just the relatively short schedule we had, but I can honestly say that by the end of this short…I slept for almost a day straight.

We just really put everything we had into these shorts, and I think it came through to the screen. So knowing that, I sincerely hope you enjoy the short above. Seeing Wile and Road Runner in 3D (both in terms of CG and stereoscopic) is a highlight of my career. And I know every single other artist who worked on these shorts can say the same thing.

“That’s all folk!”…maybe…



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