"ZOOM, Zoom, zoom..."

Mazda Speed 3

This CG sequence for the 2010 Mazda Speed3 was created by the artists over at the VFX studio Speedshape and composited by yours truly. Personally, this is one of my favorite projects we did. Not only does it have a very cool overall look, but also because it gave me the opportunity to build up a few new compositing muscles in Nuke. In particular using the Nuke 3D system to place filmed practical elements into the shots, like the steam coming from the manhole covers.

The thing I think I love the most about this project though was all the little details we worked into each shot that most people would never notice. For example, did you see anything interesting about the lens flares on the street lights? Probably not. But those flares were actually photos I took late one night outside the studio, and then projected them onto cards inside of Nuke. If you REALLY pay attention you’ll even notice a few bugs I threw in there flying around the lights! Once again, you probably would never see these tiny details since they whip by so fast. But honestly, that was never the point. Those little touches just gave the shots a really cool balance between stylized and realistic. Making the spot very unique and hard to take your eyes off.

The city scape was inspired by and modeled after reference photography we took of Downtown Chicago. Then photogrammetrically recreated inside 3DsMax. The skies however were matte paintings I created and then attached to 3D cylinders in Nuke. The reason being that we needed to match a very specific look that the client was trying to achieve, so that it tied into the already established design on the web site.

We’re all very proud of the final spot here at Speedshape, and I’m always amazed with what we can achieve in a very short amount of time with the team of artists we have here at the studio. We always seem to make the next show better than the last, and that’s a trend I know we all look forward to keeping up!

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