"Never underestimate a well placed lens flare."

Ford Super Duty

This is the sequel, if you will, to the 2009 Ford F-150 that we did in 2008 at Speedshape. And just like any good sequel, this new spot had to be bigger and better than the last. So what did we do to top ourselves? Well we created photoreal environments using photographic projections. Setup a 3D particle system in Nuke using cards mapped with filmed footage. And then we threw in a ton of lens flares to supe up the internal engine shots. How many lens flares exactly? Well lets just say that I think J.J. Abrams would be proud. In the end though the special sauce was really that we just had a lot of fun with it!

The snow was done using a combination of simulated particles for the front of the plow, and a complex 3D card system in Nuke utilizing filmed practical snow. All in all it’s about 15% CG but 85% real snow. I’ve always found that mixing up techniques in VFX is the best way to achieve more realistic results.

I was responsible for the comp’ing on all the snow plow scenes, and the internal engine shots. While my wife Jess did the other half, compositing all the highway, desert, and forest shots.

Check out more below and listen to that sweet…sweet narration of “Dirty Jobs” own, Mike Rowe.

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