"Have you seen this movie called Iron Man?"

Camaro 2010

The 2010 Camaro launch site was created in-house by the very talented artists at Speedshape, and flexed every department’s muscle. Whether it was 3D, Interactive, or 2D Compositing, everyone worked very hard to give this classic brand the cool look it demanded.

Along with being the Lead Compositor for this show, I was also responsible for designing, developing, and integrating the HUD motion graphics of the Intro movie. Which drew great inspiration from the feature film, ‘Iron Man’. The technique we developed was very flexible. Capturing the 3D camera data, and bringing it into Nuke for the final composite. Keeping most of the heavy lifting on the 2D side of things, and allowing for on the fly changes of not only text copy, but also the positioning of the graphics in the 3D space. Very cool stuff if I do say so myself.

The end result speaks for itself, and it was a fantastic project to work on. I really can’t say enough great things about the artists here at Speedshape. So go experience the full site for yourself by following the project link in the sidebar to your right. You’re in for a pretty cool next 5 minutes, promise!

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