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“Baby Blues”

‘Baby Blues’ starring Colleen Porch and Ridge Canipe, was filmed during my senior year at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I became involved with the project very early on during the script writing phase. And was responsible for the planning and execution of all the visual effects in the film.

My official job title for the film was Visual Effects Supervisor, but that role quickly bled into taking on the role of Lead Compositor. As well as heading up crew and budgetary responsibilities of the small VFX Department we formed consisting of two additional artists and two VFX interns. I also got the chance to work closely with the practical effects department to setup and film different shot elements that were required for the final visual effects.

A ton of work, yes. But this was the film I’ll always remember giving me ‘the bug’ to do VFX for a living. Late nights, big explosions, and tons of fake blood will do that to a kid.

The film shot over the course of 30 days and was completed in December of 2006. Then almost a year to day we wrapped filming, the movie was bought and was recently released on DVD by Allumination Filmworks in August of 2008. Currently it’s available on Amazon.com, Blockbuster, and Netflix. So please go check it out! I really love this little film we made, and can’t be prouder to say that my name is mixed in with so many other talented artists in the credits.

Allumination Filmworks

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