Born and raised in Indiana, from an early age I was never one to be far away from a pencil and paper drawing my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Raphael, and watching movies on television. Whenever my Mom would try and tell me crazy things like I was “rotting my brain” or “go outside!”, I always told her that I was just doing research. Because one day I wanted to make my drawings move just like they did on TV.

Then I discovered computers and became a raging nerd for a bit. But even through those awkward years growing up, my dream of making movies never changed. So when it as time to pack up and head off to college, it was clear what I was meant to do. I just hoped that I could make a career out of my one completely useless talent!

Thankfully I somehow managed to pull it off, and I’m now living the dream with my wife, Jessica, who does the same thing I do! Sitting in front of computers and working in a darkened studio making images move all day.

It’s paradise, and I couldn’t be happier.


Doug Hogan is the Compositing Supervisor and a Senior Lighter currently working at Reel FX Creative Studios in Dallas, that has over 10 years of professional experience working in the Visual Effects industry. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2006 with a major in Visual Effects and a minor in Film & Television, Doug started his career working for VFX studios in both the United States and Canada, doing exciting feature film and commercial work, and establishing a solid foundation of both artistic and technical pipeline skill sets.

Outside of work Doug is an avid woodworker, model builder, quad-copter enthusiast, home automation geek, and just over all tinkerer! He just likes to make things.